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Who is Holly Aldridge?

“I’m a highly motivated and enthusiastic personal trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals. Currently qualified to NVQ Level 3 and having worked in several local St Albans gyms I can successfully evaluate a client’s physical fitness, understand their needs and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets. I pride myself on being able to communicate well and earn trust.

In 2012 I was nominated for “Employee of the year” at Energie Fitness For Women in St Albans and out of 30 clubs and I was shortlisted in the top 5.

A little personal information, I love reading, playing my guitar and a little singing too! And of course I love fitness and healthy living, it’s always a great joy to pass on great routines to others and watch them progress.”





I started having personal training with Holly in the depths of winter, when it was cold, dark, sometimes raining and sometimes snowing. I have booked Holly twice a week to learn to run, being well over 40 this was a big challenge as I had never done any running since school – and I was always the last child to be picked for sports. It is a testament to Holly’s incredible powers of motivation that after about 6 weeks of personal training I woke up one morning and felt that I would like to go out for a run. This is not a feeling that I ever expected to feel in my whole life, so it came as a bit of an amazing shock. 

As well as getting me into running we have been doing general toning – due to when I first started I could on run max 5 mins so the general toning filled the other 40 minutes of my session. After three months I find that I can now run for a whole 30 minutes – which is awesome. In addition I have managed to drop from a size 16 to size 12 and lost 1.5 stone in weight. Holly has the magic gift of being able to motivate anyone and has the skills to gradual get even the most committed couch potato into shape and in my case into running! I would thoroughly recommend Holly to anyone who has ever joined a gym and found they didn’t have the motivation to go or wishes to lose weight.

- JM, Beauty Therapist from St Albans/Greenwich

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