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St Albans Bootcamp

An Outdoor Bootcamp is a great way of achieving your health & fitness goals with all the support and motivation you need. By using different training techniques such as boxing, circuits & bodyweight workouts we can achieve any health & fitness goals you may have such as weight loss & toning. It’s a non-imitating and friendly group workout which is designed to motivate and push you to the level you can work to.


We use lots of different equipment with our circuits e.g. VIPRS, power bands, kettlebells & mats to create a circuit which works all areas of the body. This will help with inchloss and burns fat to help with weight loss. The circuit is designed to improve your fitness level as well as increase your muscular endurance. Every circuit is different to keep it fun and interesting.


By using your bodyweight, we can help increase your fitness and endurance. This will help you with daily activities as well as show great results. By doing exercises just using your bodyweight it’s a great way of keeping yourself fit. Using partners from some exercises keep it fun and interesting. It’s also a great way to meet people. All the exercises can be done with minimal space so also great to try at home.

Thursday & Friday

Our boxing sessions are designed to burn fat & get your heart pumping. By partnering up and going through different routines you can work on building muscle in all areas of your body along with increase your stamina and power. It’s a great way of increasing your general fitness and relieving any stress from your day.


A mixture of all our weekday activities to keep you motivated and help you increase an all round level of fitness.

Location and parking

Longacres Park

Oakdene Way

St Albans


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