One to One Personal Training

Why have a Personal Trainer?

Many feel they spend money on an expensive gym membership but wastefully never make full use of it. Having personal one to one training is money well spent, not wasting any time and money due to a lack of motivation.

My certified one to one personal training sessions based around the St Albans area are especially designed to fit your individual goals. If you want to get fit, lose weight or achieve a specific goal like running a marathon, I can help. All my sessions are non intimidating and friendly but highly motivating, helping you get the best out of the time you have set aside to exercise.

If you are new to fitness and unsure where to start, my individual fitness programmes will help you to get fit and healthy in the shortest time possible. By giving you the best techniques and support you will also massively reduce the risk of injury.

Whether you want personal training for 30 minutes or even 3 hours, I will be there the entire time to make your fitness sessions as fun and motivating as possible. You get a friend helping you push yourself to achieve your goals!

Not a fan of the gym environment?

My outdoor or home based personal training sessions help you get healthy in a non intimidating setting…

Get bored easily?

I look to mix up every session in a fun way to prevent boredom and increase your motivation.

Do you have a home gym?

I can help you make full use of your gym equipment in a safe and supportive way…

For friendly motivated one to one personal training

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