Drop A Dress Size

Do you want to drop a dress size?

Is there an special occasion coming up that you really want that stunning outfit for? Maybe its a wedding, a birthday, once in a lifetime holiday or event you’re really excited about.

I can help you with the motivation, support and specially designed fitness programme to get you to your goal!

Why we struggle to fit into clothes

Eating Too Much Processed Food
Lack Of Effective Exercise
Lack Of Water
Sleep Deprivation

How personal training can help

The biggest obstacle to achieving the dress size you want is motivation. My fun and interesting personal training sessions will help you to stick to regular exercise and support you in an inch loss programme.

I look to use muscular endurance exercises to give visible results but always in the healthiest way. By focusing on different body areas such as your arms, thighs and belly noticeable results can be quickly apparent.


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