Online Personal Training

Why have an Online Personal Trainer?

Interested in becoming an online client?

Are you looking to follow a workout plan but need some guidance and support in doing so?

Do you need someone checking in and revaluating your fitness needs weekly?

If you become an online client here is what I offer:

  • Daily check ins
  • Monthly one to one coaching
  • Gym/ home workout plans
  • Nutrition advice
  • Flexible approach to training

You will be able to contact me at any point through text, email or phone call.

We have a few different payment options to make it affordable for everyone.

Premium Plan : £75 per month

Access to over 150+ video demonstrations

Gym/home workout plans designed to suit your needs

Nutrition advice

6-12 week plans to follow

Daily check ins & access to texts

Once a month phone call check in

For friendly motivated one to one personal training

Contact me today...