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Are you interested in training from your home or outdoors?



Online Training

Are you looking to follow a workout plan but need some guidance and support in doing so? Do you need someone checking in and reevaluating your fitness needs weekly? By having me as your online personal trainer I can create a programme personalised to you whilst educating you on all things health & fitness. It’ll feel like you have your very own fitness cheerleader in your pocket!

Home Training

Our personal training sessions can be taken from the comfort of your own home. We offer home sessions to take the pressure out of exercising. It can feel a lot easier to workout in an environment you’re comfortable in. So no need for a gym membership.

Outdoor Training

Our sessions can be taken outdoors in the fresh air.  We offer outdoor sessions taken from your garden or in a park local to you. We run them all year round despite the weather and being outside when you are working out can be very refreshing and enjoyable.



See what our clients have to say

“Holly has been amazing at helping me get back to fitness after having two children.  I’ve always been active and enjoyed exercise, but it felt daunting to get back in shape after having my kids and while caring for them full time. Holly’s flexibility to fit sessions around (and alongside!) babies and kids, meant I could get a solid routine going.  Her programme has been fun and challenging, always pushing me but also being accessible at the same time.  She is excellent at setting attainable goals along the way which means I’ve had concrete ways to see progress.  Thanks to Holly, I think I’m in better shape than I was before kids!  And I love that my kids see their mum as active and strong too.”
Mercy McCann
“When I first started working with Holly I only planned to do a few sessions to check my running style and for a bit of extra motivation. It’s now been 6 months later and my weekly sessions are something I couldn’t live without. I’ve had personal trainers before and always got bored after a month or two. Holly is different. Her sessions are challenging; varied and fun and I come away exhausted but exhilarated. I’m amazed at the impact her training has had on my day to day life. I’m slimmer, sleep better and have energy I need to run my business and keep up with four boys. If you’re looking to get fit, lose weight or simply improve your overall health. I cant recommend Holly highly enough.”
Caroline Flanagan
“I thought I wasn’t fit enough to have a personal trainer and was intimidated by the more shouty boot camp style options. Holly’s sessions are completely different and instead are encouraging and confidence-building, pushing you and trying new things but never making you feel you aren’t good enough. Her really friendly, approachable manner helps keep me motivated and also able to ask for advice on nutrition etc. too. Thoroughly recommended.”
Julia Good

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