Holly personal training a customer at home

Home Training

Home training with Holly

Home Training

We have been training people from their homes for years and there are so many great benefits. One of the main benefits is it provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to do your workout. Just you and your trainer! No one else around unless you have your kids home but we can make it work around too

We bring all the equipment to you and use the space you have to create a session which will get you to achieve your goals. We will show you how using little space and minimal equipment can be enough for you to reach your goals and help you see how exercise can be easily done without a gym membership.

Not only that but it makes your life so much easier and you’ll only need to account for the hour we are there, no time taken up driving – so much more time efficient which is a huge bonus when life is so busy!

We’ve seen incredible results through home training and it’s definitely a way of exercising which works for many.

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